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Animal Control

Animal AdoptionInformation about adopting an animal in need of a home.

Animal Spaying and NeuteringGet information about spay-neuter service for pets.

Deer in New York CityLearn about white-tailed deer in New York City.

Dogs in RestaurantsRules for bringing a non-service dog into a restaurant.

Donate to an Animal ShelterDonate money or supplies to an animal shelter.

Feral Cat InitiativeInformation and resources about feral cats.

Mosquito Spraying ScheduleSpraying is scheduled to control mosquitoes.

OATH Hearing DivisionsGet information about how to respond to or pay a City-issued summons, including how to check status, reschedule a hearing, or get a copy of the violation.

Pest Control BrochureGet a brochure about rat and pest control.

Pet Contact with Wildlife or Rabid AnimalGet information about what to do with a dead or living raccoon, skunk, or other wild animal that had contact with a pet.

Pigeon Droppings Health EffectsGet information about the health effects of pigeon droppings and proper clean up.

Rabies Protection for Humans and Pets BrochureGet a brochure about protecting people and pets against rabies.

Raccoon Control Brochure for HomeownersGet information about raccoon control for homeowners.

Rat ControlGet information about rat control for homeowners and pest control professionals.

Rat Poison SignsGet information about rat poison signs posted in neighborhoods.

Unwanted PetInformation for someone who is giving away a pet.

Dog LicenseApply for or renew a dog license, or check the status of a request. Register a guard dog or report loss, theft, or transfer of ownership.

Dog Licensing Payment and Online System ProblemsGet technical and payment assistance for online dog licensing.

Horse Drawn Cab LicenseApply for or renew a license to own or drive a horse drawn cab that is for hire to passengers.

Hunting and Fishing LicenseApply for a license to hunt or fish.

Pigeon Trapping Without PermitReport a person trapping pigeons without a permit.

Service DogsYou can get information about licensing and getting access to service dogs.

Animal AbuseReport animal abuse or cruelty.

Animal BiteReport that an animal bit a person.

Animal Facility ComplaintReport an animal facility that is unsanitary or operating without a permit.

Asian Longhorned Beetle InfestationReport a potential infestation of a tree by the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

Bat Contact with Person or AnimalReport of a bat that has bitten or scratched a person or animal.

Bees or Wasps ComplaintMake a complaint about a property owner who does not remove bees or wasps from their property.

Dead AnimalReport a dead animal on public property or get information about dead animal disposal.

Dead Bird SightingsGet information about disposing of a dead bird or report a dead bird.

Dead Fish in Harbor or BayGroup of dead fish in a harbor or bay.

Dog or Animal Waste ComplaintReport property that is unclean due to animal waste.

Horse Drawn Cab Business ComplaintMake a complaint about horse drawn carriage driver or business.

Illegal Animal ComplaintReport a person selling or keeping a wild or illegal animal as a pet.

Lost, Found, or Stray AnimalGet information about a lost, found, stray, or abandoned animal.

Pet Shop ComplaintMake a complaint about a pet shop.

Pigeon Droppings or Odor ComplaintReport pigeon waste or odor.

Rat or Mouse BiteReport a rat or mouse bite.

Rodent ComplaintReport rats, mice, or conditions that might attract them.

Sick or Injured AnimalReport an injured or sick stray animal.

Unleashed Dog ComplaintReport an unleashed dog.

Unlicensed Dog ComplaintReport an unlicensed dog.

Wild, Stray, or Injured Animal in a ParkReport a wild, stray, or injured animal in a park.

Wildlife Removed from Park ComplaintReport the removal of wildlife from a park.