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What is the donateNYC Food Portal?

The goal of the food portal is to reduce the amount of edible food sent to landfill by businesses and nonprofits by facilitating efficient, hyper-local food donations to organizations that can use or redistribute the food.

This platform enables donors to post listings of available food and algorithm rapidly notifies the best-matched and nearest recipient organization that food is available.

The food portal is designed for organizations and businesses only. Individual residents wishing to donate their own excess food may search donateNYC’s  online map to find locations throughout the city. For more information please email .

donateNYC Food Portal Users

Any business, nonprofit, school, government agency, religious organization, or community group located in New York City is eligible to donate or receive food through the donateNYC food portal.


No weight minimums: Donors can post any quantity of safe, edible food, specifying food type, shelf life, packaging, storage, and delivery requirements, as well as timeframes for pickup or delivery.

Hyper-local connections: An algorithm matches donations to recipients, first by food type and then by distance, starting with the closest organization first. Following one successful donation, a donor will be able to offer a donation directly to a recipient that has given them a positive rating without going through the matching process—this enables ongoing local donations.

Flexible logistics: Donors and recipients can coordinate delivery or pickup time using the platform’s calendar and messaging features. It is up to both parties to coordinate final delivery.

Automated tax receipts: Donors can choose to match only to non-profits, government agencies, or schools if they would like to receive tax receipts for donations. After a successfully-rated donation, the system will automatically send the donor a tax receipt. A dashboard allows donors to track all activity.


Customizable profile: Organizations are able to create customized profiles, specifying food type needed, minimum quantity, storage capacity, and preferred time for donation pick up or delivery. This enables recipients to only receive notifications for donations that are useful for them.

Avoid unsolicited donations: Recipients will be notified only when a donation matches their custom criteria. If declined or 30 minutes have passed, the system will notify the next-closest matched recipient. Recipients are under no obligation to accept available donations offered to them.

Anonymity: Organization names and contact information will remain anonymous until a donation is accepted. A recipient’s location will never be shared unless the recipient choses to share it with a donor.

About Food Safety and Nutrition

All donateNYC food portal users should review the following safety and nutrition documents prior to posting their first donation. donateNYC does not store, transport, examine, or maintain any liability for any food-related issues.

  • Donors must list if an item contains or has come into contact with any of the following allergens: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish (e.g. crab, lobster, shrimp), tree nuts (e.g. almonds, walnuts, pecans), peanuts, wheat, soy, and sesame.
  • All donations should be monitored for food safety standards in storage, packaging, transit, and receiving.
  • Donated food must be held and stored within food safe temperatures.
  • donateNYC food portal users should familiarize themselves with packaged food codes and dates and should list them in item description.
  • New York City provides free food safety classes for community kitchen workers.
  • donateNYC food portal users should not list or accept donations that are unsafe or of poor quality.
  • Food donors are protected by Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996.
  • Any Recipient organization receiving funding from New York City agencies should follow the New York City Food Standards. 
  • For more information on receiving and donating healthy food see the NYC Health Department’s resources for Healthy Food Donations. 
  • To learn more about healthy food go to and search “healthy eating workshops” and “nutrition tips”.